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Effective Xml Part 3: Didn’t you say XslCompiledTransform was fast?

“XslCompiledTransform is fast.”
“Yeah, XslCompiledTransform is fast… if used correctly.”

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Effective Xml Part 2: How to kill the performance of an app with XPath…

XPath expressions are pretty flexible. This flexibility allows for very creative ways of using XPath. Unfortunately some of them are suboptimal and cause bad performance of apps. This is especially visible in Xslt transformations where stylesheets contains tens if not hundreds of XPath expressions. Here is the list of the most common bad practices (or even anti-patterns) I have …

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Effective Xml Part 1: Choose the right API

This is the first part of a mini-series of blog posts about using Xml on .NET Framework platform in an effective way. Although I will be focusing on .NET Framework platform I hope that at least some of the information will be general enough to apply to working with Xml on any platform.

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