EF5 Sample Provider Published

We have published a new version of the sample provider that supports features introduced in the Entity Framework 5. It can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Samples Gallery.

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Xslt 1.0 biggest issues (kind of) solved

Xslt 1.0 has a number of issues that can make the life of an Xml developer frustrating. A lot of them are addressed by Xslt 2.0. Unfortunately the .NET Framework does not have an Xslt 2.0 compliant processor. Fortunately most of the biggest Xslt 1.0 pain points have workarounds. Having workarounds rather than real solutions is almost never ideal but…

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The world has moved on, have you? Xml APIs you should avoid using.

There is a few Xml APIs you should not be using. In some cases the complier makes this obvious – the API is marked as obsolete and you will get a warning when compiling an application that uses any of these APIs. All the obsolete APIs have their replacements. The replacement for the obsolete XmlSchemaCollection class is…

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Effective Xml Part 5: Something went really wrong – OutOfMemoryException and StackOverflowException thrown when using XslCompiledTransform

So, your application is crashing and it is crashing in the bad way. After spending hours of debugging and trying different things you figured out that this is this Xslt stylesheet that causes all the problems. How come? XslCompiledTransform is a compiler. It’s a bit different from C# or VB.NET compilers…

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Effective Xml Part 4: Let me project this (Xml file) for you

Xml is ubiquitous. No doubt about it. It is being used almost everywhere and almost by everyone. This includes places where huge amounts of data are being processed. This means xml files (or streams) used there are also huge. And the bigger the Xml file the harder it is to process. The two biggest problems…

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