The final version of the Second Level Cache for EF6.1+ available.

This is it! Today I pushed the final version of the Second Level Cache for Entity Framework 6.1+ to NuGet. Now you no longer need to use -Pre when installing the package from the Package Manager Console nor remember to select the “Include Prerelease” option from the dropdown when installing the package using the “Manage NuGet Packages” window. The final version is functionally equivalent to the beta-2 version – there wasn’t a single change to the product code between the beta-2 version and this version. I would still encourage you to upgrade to the final version if you are using the beta-2 version.
There is also a new implementation of cache which uses Redis to store cached items. It was created by silentbobbert and you can get it from NuGet. I am pretty excited about this since it opens quite a few new possibilities. Try it out and see how it works.
Update/install, enjoy and file bugs (if you find any).


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