Entity Framework View Generation Templates Updated for Visual Studio 2015

Entity Framework 7 may be around the corner and when it ships view generation will no longer be a concern because EF7 is not using views to abstract the database anymore. As of now, however, EF7 is still in beta and – as per the schedule – it will take another few months for it to be released. Even when it ships I don’t think many existing applications will ever move to EF7. In fact, there is still a lot of applications using EF5 or even EF4 that were never moved to EF6 and moving a pre-EF7 based app to EF7 may be even more difficult. In the meantime, Visual Studio 2015 was released. And while people not necessarily want to move their apps to use newer versions of dependencies many of them want to move to the latest available tooling. To make it possible I updated all the view generation templates so that they work with VS 2015. So, if you use or plan to use view generation templates in your applications download the latest version(s) from Visual Studio Gallery or install them directly from within Visual Studio. (Note that view generation templates in existing projects will continue to work in Visual Studio 2015 without this update. This update is required if you needed to add a new template to a project).


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